Planted in the heart of lower Manhattan, the River is a diverse and inclusive church that welcomes New Yorkers of all backgrounds. Our goal is to create a warm & inviting space where we can connect to God and each other to pursue life in all its fullness.

Spirituality can...

...both Anchor & Energize our lives. However, the traditional approach to religion strikes many as outdated and irrelevant. Our aim is to take a Fresh Look at Ancient Truths that can serve as a foundation for our lives in the City.


So Funny and So True!

In this great clip, comedian Louis CK says "Everything's Amazing & Nobody is Happy" It got us pondering, what if faith could help us re-capture a sense of wonder and appreciation for life?

Give it a try!

You are invited to check out a Sunday service at 10AM (with a full kids program) or 11:30AM (Nursery only) We meet at 90 Trinity Place (High School For Leadership & Public Service). Need more info about 612-366-4766


Got questions about faith?

Check out our hereditably. People form all backgrounds have enoyed this 10 week course geared specifically for those who are "skeptical but curious" about spirituality.

Learn more about 814-554-4832

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